Syr’Nj: “Also, sometimes I script comics that include off-panel dialogue, which I segue into using ellipses.”
Phil (with volcanic pause): “You… WHAT?”

[One of Phil’s saving graces, I should say, is that he’s got enough sense of humor about himself to have written a joke like that. That’s one reason we survived the really rough waters.]

I was passing the baton to Phil with this page, and he was very much looking forward to writing the next one, so I tried to build up a good head of steam for him.

On reflection, though, I’m not sure Syr’Nj should’ve been the one to spill the beans instead of loose-lipped screw-up E-Merl, gives-no-fucks Frigg, or even the nervous, awkward Byron. Syr is a grown woman hoping her parents will make peace with her choices, but right now, brokering an alliance between Gastonia and B’ial Vezk is a lot more important than that, and announcing those choices could actually threaten that alliance.

On the other hand, family dysfunction has a way of making us all revert from adult priorities.