I think by the time this page was being composed, Phil had pretty much decided there wasn’t space for the trial itself, so we get Faereksch’Nj’s probably accurate assessment of how it would have gone. And she seasons it with an interpretation that would save face for Naror’Nj and even possibly salvage the relationship between father and daughter. It’s pretty clear now: there are no non-politicians in this family. (Even Fr’Nj is conducting her own form of diplomacy.)

I realized we also had to give a bit of a nod to “Call of Duty,” even though that was a subscriber-exclusive story at the time, to clarify that no, we hadn’t forgotten about Naror’Nj sending his daughter away with celebration of her stated mission, but maybe he had started to.

The most interesting thing about this page to me, though, is that even enlightened, “human-loving” Syr’Nj is plainly disgusted at the thought of actually giving her varryn to a lumberjack. She surely tolerates a number of the other Peacemakers’ habits that her own nature-centric society frowns upon; she probably even practices a few. But still. There. Are. Limits.