Even B’ial Vezk can only be so concentric: that “center of government” we saw before cannot be in the same spot as B’ial Vezk’s most closely guarded treasure, even though you could argue for either of them as the “heart” of the settlement.

I know we did toy with the idea of Bandit stealing back Byron’s axes, and it wouldn’t have even been that hard to sneak her into the background of the ‘Nj family dinner, swiping them out through the window while the ‘Njs were distracted by each other and important Graiya’s Bough revelations.

This would have ultimately complicated the path those axes took back to Byron’s hands, but it wouldn’t have changed the plot too much and it might’ve led to some neat moments of Bandit and/or Gravedust wielding them. And it would have been a case of Bandit putting her impulses ahead of her responsibilities, though not without some justification. I wanted it, Phil didn’t: another example of my wanting to emphasize Bandit’s thiefdom and his not wanting her heroism too compromised.