The image of Auraugu laughing carnivorously as Bandit’s messed-up face drips blood onto ours was a bit harrowing, but this scene needed a little heaviness to compensate for his incredible energy. He just loves his job so much, you guys.

Phil and I revised the dialogue back and forth some here, but he asked me to tweak the last panel. I added the first balloon in it, affirming that on the one hand, Auraugu does have a sense of honor and even a certain affection for his foes, but on the other, those traits are not going to save Bandit.

There were even more half-drafts and notes in this chapter than I could discuss in these annotations. At this point in the process, we and especially I were okay with the idea that we’d tinker around a lot and only get to use what we could fit, which has been my approach on other projects since.