Lovely use of angles in panel 2 and more subtly in panel 3.

As I said earlier, Kon’Kr needed this moment after he submitted so easily in the last chapter and yet was established as someone brave enough to attack human villages “nonstop” even at his age. Phil is very much of the mind that any unusual ability implied in the text should be shown in action– and I don’t disagree, but it’s a principle he’s very good about bringing up and sticking to. Call it [flexes arms] “Chekov’s guns.”

The readers figured out the Katie Couric connection by this point, but one of them thought Kon’Kr was therefore Walter Cronkite, whom I normally think of as a more levelheaded sort.

I’m not quite sure when we decided that Kur’Ik was going to become an auxiliary member of the cast. It might’ve been right here.