I certainly can’t blame Faereksch’Nj for slipping into commander-in-chief mode here: she has very little time and few resources to try to ensure any of the ‘Nj family survives this day. It’s not like she knows E-Merl finds “It all depends on YOU now, boy” to be more intimidating than inspiring.

Although notice how in panel 2, E-Merl (not Faereksch’Nj) is hauling Syr’Nj to her feet even as he protests he can’t possibly do what he’s clearly preparing to do? Sometimes it’s like his body knows more about his capabilities than his brain does.

Let’s assume Gravedust knew about the name of Graiya’s Bough via one of the spirits he communed with to make his (and Bandit’s) escape.

John’s gifts are very much in evidence through all this, but the expression he gave Gravedust in that last frame is especially choice.