The fact that Frigg doesn’t get with Scipio, now or ever, might be a bit of a subversion. I’ve read and written other couples who went from apparently purely despising each other to some kind of love-hate thing to a functional relationship (arguably, Shanna in Fans was in one of them with her eventual husband). There is some psychological validity to that kind of arc, but it’s a little overused in romcoms (Astaire-Rogers movies, tsundere anime, and everything in between).

It’s kind of nice to see it not work out here, and for better reasons than just arbitrary circumstance. Frigg definitely fits the tsundere model, but Scipio doesn’t, at all. He doesn’t display emotion carelessly, but has no trouble doing so when it’s important, and he doesn’t try to veil the emotions that make him vulnerable by performing other emotions. He is more centered than she probably ever will be.

Let me know if any of you recognize the “drink X every day, don’t give a f*ck” trope, seen in the last line and the alt text. I think it was Phil making an inside reference to a gamer joke that never went mainstream enough to be googleable. (UPDATE: Commenters figured this one out easily, it’s a Snoop Dogg reference. “Smoke weed every day.” Few things are more on-brand than for Phil to drop that and leave me confused.)