Honestly, Syr’Nj, you’re lucky you ran into two lazy ones. The more proactive racists would run you in for “creating a disturbance,” and what they’d do after that, I’d rather not speculate.

The most interesting thing to me here now is that Syr’Nj calls Bandit a “midget.” She has not yet met any gnomes, and Bandit’s behavior is rather un-gnomelike from what she’s likely to have heard, so it’s a reasonable error. Still, of all the people to mislabel a race… and with a term they’d find offensive, even…

In Minecraft, the recipe for a potion of swiftness is “1 water bottle, 1 nether wart, and 1 sugar.” Syr’Nj’s is presumably a bit more advanced.

At this point in the planning, the player bonded to Bandit was going to be a male, not a trans woman, so Phil left this note: “I opted to make a Three Stooges reference here as the first subtle clue that her player is actually a male. As we all know, all women across the entire earth think the Three Stooges are not funny.”