Phil’s note in the script: “Erica, I would love it to DEATH if you made Sundar look very much like Pete (of Mickey Mouse fame), because that’s the voice I hear in my head when I’m reading his dialogue.” It’s still the voice I hear whenever he speaks, too.

We had absolutely no plans for Sundar when he was introduced, except that we thought he might serve as an occasional good-natured foil for Byron, someone with whom he could compare notes on the adventuring lifestyle. But our tendency to try to infuse even minor, throwaway characters with enough juice that they could become stars if we needed them to would serve us again and again. The flexible morals hinted at here– “sure, I can be your assassin for hire, money’s money, right?”– would turn out to be especially important.

Byron’s prodigious drinking abilities didn’t mean anything more to us at the time than “he’s a manly man’s man who works hard and plays hard,” but as his tragedy took shape in our minds, the drinking habit got a bit sadder. Maybe it’s just as well that the medicine forced him to stay off the sauce for a while.

Note the stealth reference to D20s, and the much more obvious reference to “epic fail,” a term that was still borderline cool in 2009, I think, maybe. Also, the alt-text’s reference to Dear Abby, which is apparently timeless.