Enough of all this glistening sweat on nude flesh, let’s get back to some C-SPAN!

Annunziata and Miyamoto may bluster, but they can sense they’re outnumbered right now, which is why they storm off shouting their displeasure rather than remain behind and try to bully Syr’Nj after official hours. Jarvis isn’t really siding with them just because he’s leaving at the same time; he’s just not the type to fraternize.

I modified Persson’s speech a little, adding “Just between you and me, my father always said…” Without those qualifiers, he’d seem a little too openly disdainful of his peers not to have gotten in trouble with them before now. And that led right to Syr’Nj relating to him in an unexpected way, so it worked out pretty well. I’m sorry we didn’t do a little more with Persson; he’s pretty refreshing. (Head of mining, he is named for Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft.)