To the surprise of no one who knows Syr’Nj–and that means to the surprise of many people here–she’s done her damn homework. Her speech blends sincere desire and devious pragmatism: she really means it when she says she wants to stand united with everyone, and yet, because she knows that’s not possible, she is targeting Annunziata, whose pomposity and ineffectiveness against the World’s Rebellion has already weakened his standing (where was he, it’s worth asking, when Auraugu and the others hit the docks?).

By saying what other Heads (Pardo, Bedard, Iwatani, and especially Jarvis and Ardaic) have been thinking about him and adding a higher-minded message about wartime priorities, Syr’Nj has (for now) won those members’ allegiance at little cost. (Well, she already had Ardaic’s.)

Annunziata would’ve been vulnerable to flattery, but flattering him would’ve alienated those others. Miyamoto would have hated almost anything she did that wasn’t complete submission (“Th-th-thank you for having me, sirs”). Reynolds, conversely, would support a strong-willed non-human no matter what as long as she wasn’t immediately shouted down. Caneghem is a skeptical grump and not easily won over, but her history with his people at least buys her his curiosity.