Note how Gravedust falls back on the concept of “a ghost’s unfinished business,” which is his principal raison d’etre as a mystic, even if here he’s hoping that resolving that “unfinished business” will help with his business in ways that might displease these cultist spirits.

Phil added the gnoll nose for E-Merl on the basis that (1) it would be funny (which it is) and (2) E-Merl and Gravedust have only figured out that Rebel Cultists are working together with other Rebel Cultists (“No doubt it helps to have a common enemy”), not that in the grand cult of Cultism, humans and all the Savage Races work side by side. And if you don’t know Gravedust’s history, you’d assume a dwarf is with the World’s Rebellion, so.

I’m a little proud of E-Merl’s nihilist twist on, let’s just say, traditional political talking points.