So Kur’Ik is somehow deputizing the majority of Peacemakers and Fightopians to work under her in this (with Syr’Nj’s authority and their shared cause implicitly backing her up, but still). And sure, a couple of them are logging out of this Zoom meeting early, but that’s mostly because they’re no good at deep reading. It’s not like Frigg and Sundar would do this because Syr’Nj told them to, either.

On the one hand, sure, funny. On the other, uhhh… it seems a bit early for Kur’Ik to go from starstruck assistant to library field commander. I mean, I would have expected her to have a hard time ordering E-Merl around, let alone folks like Gravedust. Not because Gravedust wouldn’t take the orders after Syr’Nj nodded at him, but because Kur’Ik seems like she’d be too awestruck by Syr’Nj’s near-peers to try.

We’ll just say that Syr’Nj knew what buttons to press to give Kur’Ik a huge booster shot of purpose and confidence. But if we had this to do over again, I think she shoulda struggled a bit more here. After all, wrestling with leadership is a series tradition.