There’s a theory that humor is funny because of overlapping but incompatible frames of reference. If that’s true, sometimes the Venn overlap is more comfortable than others, and sometimes it seems a bit pinched. Looking back, I think panel 3 is a bit pinched. Like, someone’s straining a little to make that connection.

But maybe that makes it more charming? Frigg is going to get this back to being about her, no matter how much of a logical reach she has to make to get there? I dunno. Best part about being done with the series is that I don’t have to worry about it any more, and you folks can make your own judgments.

It’s probably true that the cultists don’t get a whole lot of sex. They seem to be all or almost all male and keep to themselves, and not to be an eraser, but significantly fewer of them are likely attracted to their own sex than not. And even on top of that, intimacy between two, or a few, is considered a trifle to be sacrificed to demonstrate loyalty to the Cult. Ashok found that out.