Gotta be extremely careful with the homophobic side of the internet-speak that inspires Frigg’s dialogue, but I think panel 1 works (blame Phil if it doesn’t :-P). It’s a pretty rare usage for her by now (maybe E-Merl’s mild criticism of her back here had some impact), it’s a self-own, and most importantly, it’s pretty clear that this is just her code for “being emotionally vulnerable,” as well as why she hates that.

The orgy with the half-ogre was not rendered anywhere else. I’m sure other cartoonists would be tempted to make it a Patreon exclusive, but it’s very difficult for me to think about our characters with my mental SafeSearch entirely off. I mean, I can do it some or we wouldn’t have any love/sex scenes, but self-restraint is always asserting itself. Which I guess makes me Gravedust, here.

Love the way Frigg’s using that stool; nice detail from John.

Frigg’s last line is probably mostly sincere; her (non-sexual) feelings about GD will come up more than once again before this chapter is over.