The growl in panel 3 should look a bit familiar. When Gondolessa said that Harky would have to stare down his fear of Byron-like madness (if not quite Madness with a capital M), he didn’t know the half of it.

Not sure Hammerhead even used his jaws to kill any of the guys here. It might be somewhat better for his pride to show that he didn’t need to. Still, he’s clearly taken at least a bite of one by panel 4. Waste not, want not.

Originally, I had a fight scene following this, in which Harky was just barely able to subdue Hammerhead with skill and agility, despite Hammerhead’s superior strength. But Phil felt that to truly distinguish Hammerhead from his fellows, we had to emphasize his intelligence even over his muscle, so the next page will be a lot more diplomatic. And it’s probably best for Hammerhead’s mystique if he remains undefeated as long as possible.