SPLASH PAGE. Viewed from above, the battle gets more intense, with multiple mini-battles playing out along the front. The Land Sharks start to pour into that front as the trolls get a little too much resistance to handle it all themselves. Auto-Lancers meet Hammertanks, though Auto-Lancers are at a clear disadvantage there. A flock of avians has risen from the Savage lines and rain as much confusion down on the Gastonian lines as they can. One of the avians, however, is looking up in alarm, which should confuse us a bit. What could be higher than an avian in flight?

I’m not sure that came across as all that confusing, actually! It’s easy to assume he’s just yelling up to a fellow avian we can’t see. Even the shadow on him could be explained by the angle of the sun.

But I like him there anyway: he reminds me of Kirby’s tendency to have someone looking at us at the edge of the frame, pulling us into the action.