So I guess it’s time to make this official. Phil identified as male throughout the production of Guilded Age, but “she/they” are the nominative pronouns that she now uses. I’ll be going with “she” going forward, even when describing interactions with her in the days we were making these pages. One caveat: I can’t promise I won’t slip up occasionally: fourteen years of habit is a lot to unlearn!

Hahaha that second panel. Sorry, Auraugu, but you know how it goes: sometimes you’re the face, sometimes you’re the heel, and sometimes, sometimes, you’re the jobber.

Though we seem to be establishing the Champions as defined by persistence as much as might. Here’s Magda in frames 2 and 3, knocked down, seemingly out, but then getting… back… up, as Auraugu and Penk also have, whereas Syr’Nj gets carried off the field and another Peacemaker’s about to get an injury they can’t shake off.