The three-chapter Peacemakers-vs.-Champions sequence represented an interesting balancing act of sympathies and effectiveness. Making two sides impressive while keeping them evenly matched is not as easy as it sounds. If we hadn’t built up Penk and Magda as badasses before this point, then we wouldn’t be getting this kind of “heroic last stand” energy from Rachel (energy that, errr, foreshadows her next major battle). It’d just look like she was up against two oversold mid-level opponents.

But we’ve also spent some time with Penk and Magda’s doubts, so we can also feel a little of their frustration as Rachel, in defiance of odds and expectations, just refuses to go down. This might’ve been a good time for Penk to use that sonic attack again, but the drum is busted so that’s out.

I appreciate that the lava giants, while awesome-looking, have dwarven proportions instead of human ones.