That “Oh, MY!” balloon’s position still irritates me a little. It should be at the panel’s top left, and even if we had to encroach on the panel borders to make that happen, it’d be worth it. As it is, the reading order looks ambiguous to me, and that’s generally the last thing you want in lettering. Flo was generally so reliable about this sort of thing that we had no real system in place to address the few issues that did crop up.

Once more we’re mining earlier material, this time Hollister and Clair and their conflict with the nameless olds, now represented by Caneghem. Having forgotten the young sky elves for about 25 chapters, we’d make regular use of them after this. A quick nod is all they get for now, but that’s more deliberate planting than their first appearance.

Hollinger, however, was mostly dropped, as he was a superfluous character with a name that’d be annoying to keep straight with Hollister’s (which was absolutely a problem I created for myself, for which I can blame no one else). Much as I admire the new DuckTales, I don’t envy the creators’ first and most difficult job: making three genetically identical characters with rhyming names into distinct individuals. Actual twins and triplets no doubt appreciated the effort; all prior incarnations of the characters didn’t bother to differentiate them by anything but (sometimes) color. You can only change so much of the lore, but that job would be a lot easier if their names were Hal, Dave, and Lenny.