“I just love having all these human friends!” was Flo’s idea, and it encapsulates Clair at this point in her development. She’s a xenophile and an enthusiastic tourist, with enough youthful arrogance to think she already understands humans better than they do. But hey, at least she wants to make friends, and she and Hollister do come bearing gifts, so if E-Merl and Rachel have to encounter some condescension, this is probably the best kind they could get. “Humans are so freakin’ cute” is the sky elf version of “wood elves are flower-kissers and young sky elves love their ale!”

But it appears that last stereotype has some basis in reality, at least where Hollister’s concerned. We know little about sky elf table customs beyond the tendency to conjure their food and drink, but it’s possible that they’re teetotalers or at least ascetic enough that this is the first time Hollister’s had the opportunity to get drunk. I imagine most of them care a fair amount about what might impair their spellcasting.

E-Merl quietly levels up. The limits to the bangle that Hollister spells out were necessary because the ability to generate any portal, anywhere, under any circumstance would bump E-Merl into rivaling Frigg or Fr’Nj as the most powerful of our characters, which would’ve disrupted our plans to put him through the wringer. But we were feeling the need to get more fast-traveling done as the series approached its final third, and having the sky elves do all of it for the Peacemakers seemed to pull too much focus off our main characters.