Anyway. We had this scene written out before we got any reactions to it, but our approach to WAV for the next few chapters carried on pretty much as we had planned, because the character was never entirely a trick to us. We knew he would eventually turn out to be Best transformed, and yet we also thought of him as an entirely independent individual with his own thoughts, feelings, and history. Kind of like how the Nicene Creed works.

WAV of Cyberia is a monster hunter of some renown, like a fusion of Tron and Beowulf. This has earned him glory as the Cyberians express such things, but WAV pays little attention to glory. He’s only about the work, and if janitorial duties are part of containing a monster and its environmental effects, then so be it.

Give Sundar some credit: if he were really as hair-trigger as he sometimes seems to be, he would’ve started hitting WAV already and been asked questions later.