I don’t get Flo’s alt text here, which I’m running unaltered. Anybody know what this means? I tend to assume it’s a gaming term I’m missing.

“From each according to their ability,” as the communists used to say. Gravedust shooting non-powered arrows and Sundar throwing individual rocks are not exactly the major factors turning the tide here. But every little bit helps, and the stimuli may serve to distract the Beast, which is far from its home and still sorting out which of these aggressors are actually worth worrying about.

Rachel’s move might be extra confusing for it, as she hacks off an entire tentacle, but in doing so, she begins losing her irreplaceable ruler-sword. Though she’s often favored her hands, that weapon goes all the way back to her time with Mother Scarlett. Truly, I can’t imagine how this battle could see a greater sacrifice!