From what WAV’s said about the Beast, it probably would’ve tried running Frigg over again and getting away if it felt like it could. Despite its greater size, the team’s done a good enough job surrounding it, tracking it, and wearing it down that it may feel escape is no longer an option, that it must fight or continue to be pursued until destroyed. But you know what they say about a cornered animal.

I know everyone involved is trying their best, but again, I’m not hugely confident that thrown rocks or soul-free arrows are going to disrupt those tendrils enough in time. Even WAV’s music-beams seem too zigzaggy for focused fire. Magda’s boulders could probably get the job done, but restraining Hammerhead is currently taxing her and Fr’Nj’s combined abilities to their limit. Rachel’s decision here is not as easy as you might think… but it is necessary. (If this were animation, we might’ve shown a flicker or two in Frigg’s construct, just to give more visual weight to Gravedust’s words.)

Hammerhead will spend most of his remaining scenes expanding on the pithy statement he gives here, but I think his views are already clear enough for the current moment.