We haven’t spent a lot of time with gnolls or dwarves who weren’t total badasses, so the fate met by these two might register a little more seriously than if it were a couple mild-mannered humans or such.

Some readers felt that the way these two died was a “fourth wall break,” an acknowledgment that Arkerra really was just a bunch of data on a server farm somewhere. I can see the reasoning for sure, but that isn’t really my thought process. The Beast here comes from a world where everything behaves like a computer’s fever dream, so it and its effects will bear the fingerprints of that world. Of course, Flo and I often clashed about how much of a “game” this was, so maybe she’d say different.

Considering how Tectonicus later fared against the modified and further strengthened version, I’d say he’d have a fifty-fifty chance if he deigned to join this battle. Maybe 65-35, if he didn’t mess around.