Frigg shouts at the others, but just enough to get them out of her way. As soon as she sees the monster, almost all emotion seems to drain from her. She puts one foot in front of the other, she summons her power. Everything in her needs this Beast to be dead, and so anything in her (rage, pain, whatever) that might cloud her mind from that goal simply moves out of the way. From someone like Frigg, it’s hard to imagine a scarier reaction than this.

I mean, I’m surly when loud music wakes me up too, but still.

The others, incidentally, are not just standing around and waiting for her, though it may seem like it. The musical assault is battering the Beast’s core as well as keeping its skin peeled off from it, and Magda’s stone-hands are trying to crush that core, not just holding it in place. But it still clings to life, long enough to need Frigg’s extra push.