Right away, we learn that Syr’Nj has definitely not bounced back from the events of Chapter 36. She’s still enough in command of herself that she’s coordinated the aforementioned “retrieval of the dead” in an orderly fashion. But the signs are all over her.

Syr’Nj is usually chatterbox enough that being untalkative is significant on its own. But Gravedust and his comrades have been back an hour and she still hasn’t made time to listen to any details about their battle? She hasn’t even confirmed until now that Gravedust’s report isn’t “I’m sorry, but we lost, and all of Arkerran civilization is about to be devoured.” That’s an astonishing level of apathy from anyone, much less her.

And it’s also the little things, like the way she power-walks into the chapel, completely failing to consider Gravedust’s shorter legs and slower gait, and the fact that she’s clearly told him nothing about why they’re there. And Gravedust, as we’ll be reminded, was a close friend of Byron’s, making this a particularly insensitive unboxing video.

Flo nearly didn’t tag Byron in this sequence, since he’s not exactly there anymore, but we’ve been over that one.