I’m always fond of the “character working outside their comfort zone” setup, so I almost wish we’d done more with this scenario, where Frigg ends up de facto leader of the Peacemakers just because no one else can do the job. Sometimes leadership is a form of tanking, after all. We couldn’t really pursue the idea with all the other plates we were spinning (Syr’Nj, just for example, needed to start getting back into shape to deal with upcoming developments), but this scene does hint at it in an interesting way.

…But seriously, E-Merl, of course you’re not fired! There’s like three active Peacemakers still on the team right now! The group is at serious risk of dissolving, but if it doesn’t, then your job security is about as ironclad as it gets!

Not sure if the bad news E-Merl bears would’ve been received better or worse if he’d mentioned that Gravedust left with Byron’s corpse.