Yeah, why not tag Byron here. He’s at least as much of a presence in this strip as in the ones where he’s just a sack of mummified remains.

Yes, alt text, Syr’Nj is a badass…but she could also be considered the weak link of her team, physically speaking. Probably everyone else who’s ever been a Peacemaker except E-Merl and Fr’Nj is stronger. (Nonberserk Byron might be close to her level.) And E-Merl and Fr’Nj have distance attacks more imposing than her potion-darts to compensate. And of course, nobody’s at their fastest when they’re in a tentlike formal dress. She’s cerebral, she tends to ask questions first and punch later…I’m not trying to pick on her or anything, but you can see why Iwatani didn’t send, like, a team of assassins, as he might’ve if his target was Frigg.

But on top of her many skills and talents, she has other, more hidden assets. She’s a Renaissance woman, always learning from every source she can find. And one of those sources was a highly experienced adventurer with a gift for boiling combat strategy down into simple, reassuring how-tos. She could write a book just transcribing everything he’s told her about adventuring in their time together. Sooner or later, she probably will.