As this page was being published, Phil and Erica and I were in Chicago for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, offering up the special “Volume 0.5” ashcan edition. Anticipating the show, we’d ordered the copies to be produced by a local printer, but we didn’t anticipate its relatively short hours and had to scramble to get them to the table on time.

My other big memory of the show is sitting in our hotel room and sweating over my finances, debating Phil and Erica over whether or not to make the “BECOME A HUGE DOUCHE” thing a T-shirt design (I lost).

Incidentally, there’s been a persistent theory that Taro orchestrated his own kidnapping, which even Phil considered retconning in at one point. To my mind, though, that doesn’t really track. Von Carnaj knew where to find nobles’ children (whom he presumably saw as more capable than commoners’) because he bribed Sundar to tell him. If Taro had somehow learned von Carnaj was in the market for a boy king and contacted him directly, then von Carnaj wouldn’t have needed Sundar. If Taro had asked Sundar to find some pirates to “kidnap” him, you can bet the serumed Sundar would’ve mentioned that, which would put Byron and Gravedust on their guard against Taro.

I think it’s more likely that Taro saw through this pretty obvious trap but was confident he could outwit the pirates once aboard. And hey, he wasn’t wrong.