“On the left side, the Sky Elves are dressed in their traditional sky-colored regal robes and magical-looking selves. On the right side, the Sky Elves are dressed in a weird sort of fashion that they have started that are based on Human Fashion (these elves want to adopt Human culture into their own, and have modified their dress and hair to reflect it, but have done so very poorly). The right side is considerably younger than the left side.”

And from this page’s panel 2: “The primary speaker for the new movement gestures wildly holding a post-holer (you know, that wacky digging tool to make post-shaped holes in the ground to ground posts) in his hand, as if it were some sort of courtly staff. Why won’t these old gits just see the big picture already? His peers stand behind him, sharing his defiance.”

In other words, I think we were originally aiming for more of a “both sides are idiots” feeling here, but that didn’t last very long, because there was no question we were on the side of forward motion, and so were the youngs. So their fashion is a little off, so what? People who make “I’M A DOUCHE” T-shirts shouldn’t throw stones. (Image by Jochen Schievink.)