“Um, so, uh… we’ll just mail you those thirty ralds, then? Got a forwarding address, or…?”

Best’s ears had to be corrected on this page just as they were on page 21. From the original: Once again, we’d like to thank our crack team of Continuity Errorists. We’ve sent a letter of apology to the former Payet Best stunt double and now recognize our makeup & special effects department is at fault. The entire department has been sacked, and their duties will now be performed by catering.

Frigg’s reaction isn’t just because Best was a good roll in the hay to her and nothing more. She’s not really thinking in terms of being in a group yet, so the comings and goings of others trouble her little. She expects they’ll collect their wages and then go their separate ways. The others, however, are much more interested in networking and longer-term comradeship. Byron says “let’s not work together again” to Best because he would like to work with the other three.

That alt text can’t help itself. I wanted to leave it a little ambiguous who would be back and who wouldn’t. In some cases, like with Taro, we had yet to figure it out ourselves. But Payet was always, always going to be the fifth tube-linked member of the group, which means he was always going to have a role in the story climax.