Phil made a good edit to the end of this. My version of Byron’s last line here was a bit longer, going on about how von Carnaj had participated in the dishonor of Byron’s profession. Which… I mean, yeah, that’s a thing for Byron, but claiming a pirate’s actions stain adventuring in any way is pretty tenuous. If a cop is on the take and you care about the perception of the police department, you blame the cop, not the mobsters who had the audacity to think he could be bribed. “You mafioso are a disgrace to the traditional antagonism between cops and mobsters!”

Trying not to turn these comments into too much of “I like this and that,” but, well… I like the irony that Byron briefly thinks Best is acting like part of the team. Syr’Nj, the scales having fallen from her eyes, is a bit rueful as she corrects him.

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