Had we gone with the plan of making Miyamoto, not Iwatani, the Head of House engineering the Peacemakers’ deaths, their status as enemies of the Gastonian state would be a little less cut and dried. But I think they’d be fleeing regardless, because either the Altruists are united in wanting them dead, or the Altruists are already killing people to sabotage each other, which is hardly any safer for Syr’Nj or her allies.

Who indeed, alt text. The original plan for this page was for Sundar to get a “SMUG!” sound effect in the last frame, which would have echoed a very early gag in the series. Leaving that out was a last-minute call by Flo, which should annoy me, in principle. But most of the expressionistic sound effects had fallen by the wayside at this point in production, and without those to give such a gag context, I think Sundar’s face works better without it.

Sundar’s grown too much to become as completely insufferable as this sequence might imply. But he is never ever going to forget this moment, you can take that to the bank.