It amuses me that this chapter has exactly one opportunity for a fight scene…a fight scene with unbelievably high stakes…and Gravedust just kinda nopes right past it.

IIRC, Flo didn’t object to how quickly we move past that battle. We could’ve shown Gravedust trying to fight the berserker before realizing what he needed to do. Or we could’ve just drawn out the sequence where he approached the berserker’s heart, long enough to see the other mystics fighting in more detail. But that would’ve been one of those fight scenes where you’d be pretty sure of the outcome from the first frame in (“It is futile”), and Gravedust rising above his assigned roles is much of this story’s point.

My version of this page’s script was a lot simpler, but it may have obscured the point of Gravedust’s choice. He came here with a “new mission.” And with calm clarity, he knows that what brought him here and the solution to the berserker problem are one and the same.