We can only hope to save the world if we accept certain truths and certain responsibilities.

The berserker was never Byron’s fault: it was something imposed on him from outside…but the same could be said about each of us for many of the burdens we carry. They’re ultimately our crosses to bear. The red scar will remain in his soul-self, close to his heart. It’s true that he’ll never be free of it…

But that’s no reason not to live a good life. The man is more important than the berserker. And he always was.

Maybe this part’s only funny to me, but it seems like Gravedust is…actually trying to SMOOTH-TALK his way back to resurrecting Byron, like Bugs Bunny hustling a bunch of Elmer Fudds? I mean, Cliff’s right, Gravedust has to know that rezzing is against the rules of being a mystic. So was he thinking… Okay, we’ve just saved the entire afterlife, everybody’s kinda dumbstruck about that, so I’ma just say “It’s been real, guys” and yeet me and Byron outta here before anyone tells me I can’t. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right? I think that’s how Bandit put it. Judging from the way the other three mystics look at each other awkwardly, each not wanting to be the first to object, I wonder if this con job would’ve worked had Cliff not spoken up.