You might recall that the early notes for the avians specified that they varied in intelligence and birdlikeness, with those two variables largely independent of each other. So the harpies shown here could in fact be avians, split off from their tribe and foraging independently on the mountaintop, allied with the megadoggos. Doesn’t seem like the climate would give them a lot to feed on, but maybe they also do flybys of more temperate zones.

Doggos: “We are already trying to eat your entire BODY, so…”

Frigg’s outrage in panel 3 seems unfair and disproportionate even for her, but some upcoming scenes will unpack her anger issues a bit, so Flo may’ve wanted to cast those into sharp relief in this difficult moment.

FB: “While Gravedust has a Snow Crash, Frigg is reaching the Winter of Her Discontent, here on Cold Mountain.”