Update: Many of you have pointed out that Best’s look is a lot closer to Iggy Pop’s than Kurt Cobain’s. Not only does the visual evidence back you up (see accompanying image), but so does Flo’s script, which I neglected to check. I apologize. I know we toyed with making “’90s grunge” his aesthetic at one point, and well… guess I got my wires crossed this time. It does remain true, however, that this angsty, angry, unglamorous look is a reflection of what’s going on in Best’s soul.

I think it’s worth noting how Best hasn’t killed Byron in panel 2. If there’s time to bellow at the guy, then there’s also time to bring that ax down on top of his head. Byron is still trying to process the surprise of Best’s reappearance and probably couldn’t offer much resistance until he does.

I won’t assume the hesitation is due to some spark of decency in Best, though that may indeed be part of it: not many legendary heroes kill an old enemy by taking them unawares. More likely, the showman and prima donna in Best badly wants Byron to acknowledge him somehow before Best can continue. And in the last frame, I guess he gets his wish.

FB: “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible for it. So neither does Best, the specialest snowflake of all.”