Gorgeous art.

Flo punched this up and vagued it up a little from my draft. The original referenced the loss of Frigg’s “nation and disciple,” and while it’s obvious that Rachel’s loss affected her, I’m not sure she’s even fully processed the loss of Gastonia.

I was sorry to lose “IF A BITCH FALLS IN THE SNOW AND NO ONE IS AROUND…I HEAR IT,” which is a very “Courage/Insanity Wolf” bit of dialogue, but it just didn’t flow into anything else we could have God say.

FB: Do you know “question talkers?” Yes, you do. Is it irritating how they turn EVERY simple statement into a question with an implied and immediately supplied answer? Yes, it is. But did you know that some question talkers can just add a question mark to the end of a non-question statement to give everything they say a slightly mocking tone of uncertainty? Would you believe some of us deal with those people on a semi-regular basis? We might even visualize them as giant wolves crushing the life out of a conversation? THEIR EYES MIGHT GLOW RED IN OUR DREAMS?