Pre-Thanskgiving FB: A special message for our American readers: tomorrow, let’s all gather round, share food and drinks, and tell others what we’re thankful for, with a special emphasis on family. You know, like Taro’s doing!

“Oh, I won’t be a child forever” is a beautiful line. It’s honestly almost too beautiful for Taro, who is not normally blessed with that much foresight. It’s more of the kind of line his father might have delivered, when he was Taro’s age.

More in line with Taro-as-we’ve-presented-him is his “What will befall the nation” argument and his insight, albeit limited, into the chain of command. This is speaking Ardaic’s language, and it’s enough to give him pause.

The detail of Dad Iwatani’s affairs becomes a little more important here. Any bastard kids who could claim Iwatani blood might threaten Taro’s plans if they were older than him and/or officially recognized.