FB: Needs more goose-stepping hyenas.

We’re doing a bit of a callback with Carol’s use of the word “riDICulous.” Each time she pitches the word like that, she’s lying…and this time, there’s clearly no one left to lie to but herself.

The end…of our 24-page limit! Flo’s more “unstructured” approach would dominate most of Guilded Age‘s remaining run, excepting only the last chapter, which is more “mine” than any other chapter in the last three or four years of the series. There are places where I think Chapters 46-50 could’ve been leaner (and we’ll get there). We could’ve restructured the story one more time into 52-54 shorter chapters. But overall, I’ll concede  the more-is-more approach was probably the right call.

And considering relations between me and Flo at that point, it was pretty much the only possible call. Flo sent me an email around this point saying, “I need you not to fight me on chapter length anymore.” Where that once would have touched off a heated discussion of hours if not days, by now I barely rolled my eyes as I acquiesced. Guilded Age still mattered to me, but I was done with the fights.