Taro’s a psychopath. So he doesn’t interact normally. But pure indifference to others isn’t that much fun to read about. What sets the Joker off from a typical killing machine is that he has some recognizably human traits: quasi-romantic obsession with the Batman, possessive and toxic “love” for Harley, desire for the approval of an audience. And so it is with Taro. He irrationally hopes that his father’s last words will be something like “You…truly are my son…you have learned…all I had…to teach you.” Instead, they’re gonna be “Matsuyo? Matsuyo? What’s…UNGH! Why…?”

Love panel 3, which inspires us to experience Iwaya Iwatani’s death a little more intimately than most deaths seen in the series. Most of us knew this moment was coming…how could it not?…but it should still hit us a bit when it gets here.

It was important to me that we got Taro in power before America’s Election Day, 2016. Any little thing Flo and I could do to warn people about the dangers of a wildly immature tyrant in power, I wanted to do. Of course, that paid off, Donald Trump never became President, and America and the world lived happily ever after. All thanks to us! You’re welcome.

FB: Enjoy this completely harmless fantasy of a wildly unqualified child-person ascending to power through just the right combination of republican tradition, treachery and violence. And vote tomorrow.