Gonna take a break from both FB ad copy and political commentary for the next few pages. Much like Penk does to Harky here, the FB ads for these pages beat the “troll” joke and the comparisons with America’s fraught political system into the ground. A little of either of those things goes a long way.

And Penk’s speech deserves consideration on its own merits. This speech is a T-Flo collab, but it feels separate from both of us, like the character ascending beyond the writers’ hands and taking a new form. After so much insecurity, it’s a great bit to see Penk find his leader-of-nations voice, just when we need him to the most. If we didn’t know how honorable and compassionate he was, then lines like “I will command even them” and “I am prepared to kill anyone who tries to stop us” might come off as more worrisome. But this is simply what he needs to do to assume full warchief status. We know him.

Harky, meanwhile, has one last flash of insight, turning his defeat into a final test for his protégé.