Magda’s interpretation of events is not totally unreasonable. A lot of people who have near-death experiences end up feeling like they’ve been saved for something. For his part, Penk is worried that this is actually a bad omen for his dreams of unity. The PeaceChampions have been reunited all of three minutes, and the very act of their reuniting caused a nearly fatal crash landing. (I think that’s implicit in his “Sure,” but I also thought the Weo thing from a few pages back was implicit in the text, so what do I know.)

A whole lot depends on how you choose to read the tea leaves.  Even the statement “it’s all open to interpretation” can be good news or bad news, depending on if you’re more concerned about objective facts or the freedom to carve your own future.

FB: “You could even say he’s giving us a BIG HAND! Wonk wonk wonk wonnnnnk!”

“You’re dehydrated, Magda.”