In an earlier draft of this speech, Caneghem showed particular loathing for goblins: “Sky elves died from goblin explosives while defending human interests…Why should more die from human explosives defending goblin ones?” My thinking was that elder sky elves had the same disdain for the goblin dons that old money has for rich gangsters, especially when that old money hasn’t been earned in the most law-abiding of ways, either. This would have the side effect of driving the rebellious youths toward the goblins, just like parental disapproval only enhances some musicians’ popularity by giving them the lure of the forbidden. Everything would go Don Gobligno’s way without his lifting a finger…which is good, because he’d probably fuck this up if he actively tried to court any sky elves, young or old.

Young sky elves and goblins would indeed grow closer in the remaining chapters—we’ll see two interactions between the races in Chapter 50. But their relationship by then will be way more complex than “goblins like money and young sky elves hate doing what they’re told.” 

FB: Fun fact: they only call him “Archmage” because nobody is better at the scornful eyebrow.