Not sure if y’all caught the fact that Ardaic is using his energy-javelins like ski poles in panel 1 and that’s the only reason he can stay in the lead without slipping. The others are making progress now, but they’ve got to be cautious, especially since the lighting down here isn’t for shit.

In fact, this lighting situation is so dim, even Flo and I are a little confused about just who is down here. The script has “the odd cogs minus Bandit,” and I can pick out Bash-Meister Berta, Tobias Gnipgnop, and of course Keeper Kepfer in the last frame. But neither of us saw Watcher anywhere. Flo first saw Isidro, then changed his tag to Brock’s, but I don’t see either of ’em. This is a real Where’s Wanderer Waldo situation. Let me know what I missed. (Update: Thanks, see comments.)

FB: Silver vs. Smiths.