They look like arms, but they’re more like extra legs!

It might’ve been interesting to explore a bit more of Bandit’s headspace at this exact point. She’s obviously anti-Taro, but is she pro-Rebellion? She may not even know that her old allies are among the Rebels at this point (depends on what Sundar told her, probably). Bringing Taro down is a moral imperative no matter what, and she definitely doesn’t want fellow combatants killed, but I wonder how much her heart goes out to them specifically and how much of her upset is just the moral principle of the thing—the perversion of gnomish science. That is the issue that she made herself an exile for, once upon a time.

FB, from the Trump (and Kim-Jong Un) era: You know, when we introduced him years ago and developed him back in Chapter 14, this manchild with access to doomsday weapons of ever-increasing range was just a bit of fun escapism. Maybe we should’ve gone with a more honorable, samurai-type villain, or some kind of talking marmoset.