FB: Alternate ending: Sundar’s “arms” comment inspires Rendar to compose the first line of the Aeneid, and he gets about six more lines in before everybody dies.

Again, this arc was Flo’s, and motivated partly by her love of a video game franchise I never quite got into, so I can’t read it without going, “Could we cut a page here?…How about here?” This page does rely on some very well-worn humor in places (see clip below).

But the page is buoyed by Flo’s obvious affection for the characters: Sundar still working in his conspiracy theory even after it’s become accepted fact; Rendar calling his brother a “big, beautiful broken clock”; Bandit threatening Rendar with the possibility of what she’ll do with only desperation to guide her. And we did need to detail Rendar’s plan somehow, and it couldn’t come to him too easily. So yeah, this one passes the tightness test.