Most people guessed we were about to get Sundar; a respectable minority figured on Bandit; not many expected both!

I’m kind of impressed that Sundar’s subterfuge worked so well. Even Bandit seems to have missed that the box was moving on the last page: I don’t think she’d have landed on it deliberately otherwise. Maybe she was too preoccupied with getting in to thoroughly case the place until this page. As for Mich and Franz not noticing, never underestimate how diverting it is to be petty dicks to the one guy in the room slightly less privileged than they are.

Most no-brainer chapter title ever.

FB: In “Warcraft,” Rendar’s gotten the draft and the shaft, Micho and Franz are cheering up after taunting him (they laughed and laughed), rescue attempts are poorly choreographed, and though Iwatania is short-staffed, there’s always plenty of graft.