FB: Best performs “Chasing Colors” and “Violence,” but he’s not sure about the stylings of his new musical partner, Harshmello.

A lot of this chapter is going to be about all of the Five standing together, but when it comes to ensemble stories, I tend to prefer the little moments between two or three characters as distinct from the group. So I’m glad we opened with Gravedust and Best, who haven’t really done a scene together since that time they brought the rest of the Five back to life. And Best has changed even more radically than Gravedust since then.

The little things: Gravedust’s quick and accurate detective work, Best catching himself and addressing Gravedust with a bit more respect, Gravedust slyly alluding to his short but successful career as a stand-up comedian, and both of them finding scraps of hope and positivity, even as they duck and weave through multiple apocalypses.